beginning my journey in joy…

Today’s draw is from The Sacred Journey Cards by Cheryl Thiele.


So I begin this journey in joy on the full moon in Virgo.

When I breathe the concept of joy into my body I feel lighter and brighter. I think of my family and our capacity for laughter. And from down in the depths of my being I hear the song that I sang as a young girl in Sunday school– “I’ve got the joy, joy, joy, joy down in my heart…”

As I write this, from the room beneath me comes screams of joy and laughter from my children who are watching their basketball team win. Joy runs through me and around me.

I am joyful for the act of writing this. With joy I release all of my anger and guilt and frustration at myself for not doing or being all the things I believe I should be. With joy I release my own judgment of myself for not being good enough. With joy I am taking small steps forward. With joy I invite each new day full of joyful possibility.

I am grateful and JOYFUL for the opportunity to live this immense and wonderful life.



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