13 moons on Friday the 13th…

 Today’s draw comes from The Sacred Journey deck by Cheryl Thiele.

Drawing this card of 13 moons on Friday the 13th feels auspicious. Sitting with this card in meditation today I feel a calm, grounded centering. This morning is a slow, deliberate meditation in and of itself. There is ample time to take for myself and my entire family is here, the kids without school today, and both my husband and I have free morning schedules. There is an ease to waking and moving through the luxury of owning our time. As I gaze from where I am sitting in the front of my home I look to the back wall of our bedroom to a meditating buddha illuminated in golden light.

Yesterday I had an incredibly renewing session with my healer, reclaiming lost pieces of my voice from many previous lifetimes. There is an ease to the flow of energy through my body this morning that is in stark contrast to the dancing energy in my third chakra present in my meditations the two previous days. There is a flow all the way up and out of my crown.

The concept of allowing goals in relationship to my newly reformed, stronger, clearer voice is perfectly appealing. I left my healing session yesterday with the clarity of knowing that there is a new structure asking to be created around my writing. There is a story-telling aspect to my writing life and the different blogs I have created to foster it that is wanting acknowledgment and a more precise structure. There is a carving out of time and energy that is asking for clarification. This card, in conjunction with Monday’s looming new moon is the perfect affirmation that these goals are emerging as a part of my process. My job is to continue moving forward and TRUSTING MY PROCESS.


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