Waiting to be put into play


Today’s draw is Center fromĀ The Sacred Journey Cards by Cheryl Thiele.

To be reminded to center after the chaos that has been my last week is welcomed. Though undoubtedly I’ve had some sense of center amidst all of the activity– it has not necessarily had any quiet or calmness accompanying it. Today is a day that feels like it is tottering between old and new. It stands between the craziness that was my wedding and the calm that is my new married life.

Tomorrow I return in earnest to my life outside the four walls of my home. I meet my old world with what now feels new. I’m spending the day with the windows open, breathing in the fresh Spring air, caring for my convalescing husband. I’m drawing together all of the parts that have been spread apart. I’m beginning to create a new framework in our home that reflects our union.

For months there have been parts and pieces laying around our home gathering dust– waiting to be put into play. It feels like those pieces are now being called upon. It is time to hang new pictures, and carry out the old relics, strip away the old and make way for what is new. I will do this from a place of quiet calm. I will do this from my Center.


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