Time to Forge Forward

Today’s draw is Tobacco 31 Masculine — East — Mars — Earth from Shaman Wisdom Cards created by Leita Richesson

Having taken a few days off from my daily draw– this feels like an appropriate card to bring me back. Tobacco is a ceremonial plant in almost all native cultures and symbolizes purification and healing. Having just moved perhaps the most massive ceremonial acknowledgement of my life to date (my second marriage) this card speaks to me on several different levels.

When I connect to it in meditation– I have clear and immediate visions of a massive root system running underneath the plants. Tobacco is traditionally farmed and has been for centuries. I see the vast network of roots creating a grid structure underneath the soil that feels calming and settling. As I sit with this card, behind me, just outside the window illuminated in sunlight is my husband practicing tai chi in our backyard– his careful, measured steps held by an unseen force.

As we settle into our life as husband and wife I appreciate the masculine drive of the tobacco, reminding me that once again it is time to forge forward in this new paradigm– more powerful in our united front. I also appreciate the vast, wide-spread system of roots assuring each foot fall is supported and sure.


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